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"A terrifically energetic, modern update

of Dante." -- Kirkus Reviews

"An astonishing exploration of human imagination, longings, and illusion." --

San Francisco Book Review

What happens after we die? 

If the answer is “nothing,” then what’s the point of existence?  If there’s no Final Judgment, then what’s the point of morality? And what if the meaning of life has nothing to do with us?


Building Heaven is an existential thriller about atheism, blind faith, and one agnostic’s perilous journey through the afterlife...while back on Earth, a scientist’s plan for technological immortality threatens the future of humanity.

"AMAZING!" - Laura Lee Bahr (Haunt, Long Form Religious Porn)

"The idea of a heaven where we bring all our baggage from our lives and nothing is really resolved struck a chord and kept me turning the pages." -- Scott Von Doviak, (The A.V. Club, Hick Flicks, Charlesgate Confidential)

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